La Pascua Florida: the new ecotourism product of Guía de Isora

Last February 2023, the Pascua Florida of Guía de Isora was chosen by the citizens as a thematic ecotourism product by means of an online survey. This initiative is part of the European project ECO-TUR2, which is the beneficiary of a grant from the Interreg MAC programme.

The three options proposed to form part of this project, as defined by the local action committees, were: the Pascua Florida, the Water Route and the Alcala Fireworks. The following criteria were established for the proper evaluation of these tourist offers: capacity to attract visitors, capacity to stimulate the local economy and generate employment, and the contribution to environmental sustainability.

The results of the survey, which gathered a total of 487 responses, were determined by means of a mathematical weighting system based on the criteria established. At present, the Guía de Isora Council is working to establish guidelines for action and actions to boost the value of the Pascua Florida, with the ultimate goal of making this precious and original event a year-round event in the municipality, so that it becomes a complementary and permanent tourist attraction for the destination.



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