The Pascua Florida from Guía de Isora, is a unique event in Spain, which, after 12 years of celebration, has been consolidated in the cultural offer of the island of Tenerife.

This artistic proposal, which is part of the cultural program of the city council of Guía de Isora since 2009 and is differentiated by its innovative character and its contemporaneity and creativity, with the idea of achieving an aesthetic and critical vision by the citizenship, which is printed with a national and international dimension according to the origin of the florists and participating artists.

For the last 13 years, the Town Council of Guía de Isora has included the Pascua Florida in its cultural program, a very unique project which has become a cultural reference on the island of Tenerife.

With a great impact on the cultural map of the island of Tenerife and which is beginning to make a name for itself at regional and national level, thanks, among other factors, to its media coverage in the press and specialized magazines. In 2020, the town council of Guía de Isora, has included in the tourist offer of the municipality and the island of Tenerife, in the International Tourism Fair Fitur held in Madrid, receiving a magnificent welcome for its level of creativity, uniqueness and contemporaneity of the proposal.

The Pascua Florida from Guía de Isora is a cultural event that takes the form of more than twenty artistic installations in the historic center of the town, and which deals with different facets of art, experimenting with new forms of artistic expression and generating a critical vision of art and its different manifestations in the spectator.

For a few days, between Holy Thursday and Easter Sunday, Guía de Isora becomes a contemporary exhibition space, with the creation and placement of large-scale artistic installations in streets and squares, created by florists, specialists in floral art and plastic artists in general, whose common denominator is the use, in all the installations, of plant or floral material to a greater or lesser extent, maintaining the central theme of the Passion and Death of Jesus, which gives it a unique character in its kind in the whole of the national territory.

In the Pascua Florida de Guía de Isora, there is an interesting symbiosis between contemporary art, historical heritage, and the popular and religious manifestations of Holy Week.

The historic center of Guía de Isora, listed as a B.I.C, is the perfect setting for this artistic/cultural project, a combination which works perfectly and which every year surprises the large number of people who attend.

In recent editions, to accompany the static art, the protagonist of the Pascua Florida, it has been decided to complement the offer with theatre performances, live opera and dance, creating an unprecedented atmosphere, where talent can be breathed in every corner of the historic center of Guía de Isora.

“The Pascua Florida in Guía de Isora, there is an interesting symbiosis between contemporary art, historical heritage and the popular and religious manifestations of Holy Week”.